Subject:Tensions rise during pre Inauguration.

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In news just at hand, civil unrest continues to rise in the lead up to the inauguration of President Elect, Commander Ethan Harker. A number of businesses have been attacked with several severe injuries reported in the San Francisco Market street area. A Betazoid shop owner, who recently lost her husband to Klingon attacks near the ruins of Hellesport Station, was badly beaten, and her young son also sustained minor injuries. Mrs Hanna Sauder is listed as being in a critical condition at the Jay Grissom memorial hospital and George Sauder, age 4 months, is also receiving treatment at the same location. At this time there have been no claims of responsibility for the attacks, though Starfleet security is investigating.

In market new, PanHelles stocks have risen again, following the release of details of a new station under construction; Ray Martin has this report...