Subject:Federation Unrest

>>The camera angle shows a large group of people, at least 300, all assembled outside a Federation government office. Most hold banners or signs with slogans like "Maxwell is a Murderer!" and "Star Fleet not Star Beat!". Several dozen Starfleet grunts surround the group, though neither side is openly hostile.<<

>>The scene cuts to a large, open park where even more people sit, this time at least 500, almost all of whom are holding candles. The crowd are all wearing black ribbons and armbands and a large model of a space station is on a dais at the front of the group. Hundreds of holo images surround the model, mostly portraits of smiling faces.<<

>>Again the camera cuts to a new scene, this time far more violent with an abrupt zoom in where a scarred old man can be seen firing a phaser rifle at Starfleet marines in field armour. "Romulan loving ****s! I'll see you all in hel-" he screams before finally being dropped by a phaser shot.<<

"These are just some of the scenes that have been played out across Federation space in the last few months; rioting, protests, vigils. I'm Brian Naylor for Galactic Enquirer," says a deep, soothing voice. The kind of voice that inspire trust and confidence and just a little drowsiness. The camera changes one last time to show a distinguished gentleman at a desk. Images similar to those just seen flash across the viewscreen behind him.

"Following the destruction of Hellesport Station by Klingon military forces in the Romulan and Klingon Empire's Neutral Zone, the unrest both at home and off world has increased to sometimes alarming levels. Reports range from simple protests to violent and in one case, fatal confrontations with those opposed to the war against the Klingons, the alliance with the Romulan Empire and Starfleet's seeming disregard for their own rules and laws.

"On Caldos, several industries have called a stop work action until the Federation calls a cease fire with the Klingons, a cease fire similar to that which was originally offered *by* the Klingons, just prior to the destruction of Hellesport station. However, on Zalda, reports of cloaked Klingon ships in the area have prompted the local branch of the UFP to demand a step up in the military presence in the region and an expansion of the Federation's borders in that sector into Klingon territory.

"Political analysts have been arguing heatedly over the implications these actions will have in the next presidential elections, with many people supporting what is seen as 'proactive defence', while others claim it's nothing more than galactic bullying. But can the Federation justify the destruction of an entire culture just to ensure their own safe keeping? How will these signs of unrest affect the desires of new systems to enter into the Federation? The Ernstian Alliance seems keen to seek friendship, but are they all alone in this dark night? What will the final outcome of these dramas be? Who knows.

"This is Brian Naylor for GE news."

>>The screen continues on with unrelated news... "In news just at hands evidence shows famous fictional figure, Dorian Gray, was framed..."<<