To:*Galactic-Enquirer and *Klingon-Empire-Chronicles
Subject:Klingon Rumors Promising to Divide

*** Klingon Imperial News Service (Editorial): ***

Insiders within the Klingon government have cited several leaked confidential memos when indicating growing concerns over the continuing war against the United Federation of Planets and the just beginning war against the Romulan Star Empire. Apparently, planetary resources and ship-building capacity are at strained levels, fueling new doubt amidst the High Council and their supporters that the Empire does not possess the necessary materials to wage such an expansive conflict. Rumors have surfaced, implicating such dishonorable and unscrupulous organizations like the Dominion, its remnants suspected to still be lurking within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants shadows, or our frequently aggressive neighbors, like the Tholian Assembly, as potential allies. Indeed, even the despised Breen Confederacy, whose homeworld was obliterated by the Imperial Defense Force years ago, led by the honorable Merc, has been floated as a possible ally.

Has our Empire truly fallen to such levels that we must bow before our former enemies, embrace them, and call upon their arms in order to guarantee our survival. Indeed, has our own honor been so tarnished and bruised, and our fear so kindled, that we would turn to the very races which we defeated in battle during our illustrious history. There is no question that conflict rages across the two quadrants; but now, it seems, its fires have been lit within the Empires churning bureaucracy, exposing the birth of two new factions: one clamoring for our reliance again upon foreign powers to rescue us from destruction, the other welcoming new wars into our den so that we might either be killed in battle or win victoriously without any help from others. Questioning if either side is right is a dangerous thing to do. Nevertheless, we do it. We ask, do we dare allow ourselves to become slaves again of the Dominion, or worse, the Tholians or the Breen? Or, do we allow the Romulans, if we stand alone, to destroy yet another holy site within our empire?

We face difficult times, and even more difficult choices. This is sure to be a dividing issue if such considerations are proven true in the coming months.