Subject:Klingon Response to Hellesport Seizure

The sharp, angular trefoil of the Klingon Empire burns itself onto your holo-screen, assailing your vision not only with its form but the bold primary colors composing it. It lingers for but a few moments, before fading into a view of the High Council Chambers of Qo'noS. Before you sits the imposing figure of Lor'mogh, leader of the Klingon High Council and thus the Empire itself, clothed in the gilded robes of his office. Pale blue-white light spills down from overhead, casting his proud ridges and noble features in stark relief, highlighting a crooked-toothed grin of feigned amusement and barely restrained malice.

Over steepled fingers his gray-blue eyes glare, and his chest rises slowly like a newly-formed island out of the sea as he draws a long, deliberate breath in preparation to speak. "The events of the last several days have been, to say the least, interesting," he says, his rich, gravelly baritone resonating throughout the grand hall, "and there is little doubt that the galaxy has waited with bated breath for the Klingon Empire's response."

He pauses, and his grin spreads a bit wider. "To say that we find the allegations behind Hellesport's recent takeover both absurd and amusing is a vast understatement. Having a Board of Directors composed primarily of Romulan owners and using that weight of numbers to deny sale of stock to the Klingon Empire is /hardly/ politically neutral, though the United Federation of Planets saw no reason to intervene at that time. Taking action now in a combined effort with the Romulans to drive any support for the Empire out of the Neutral Zone simply serves to bolster support for and reinforce what is clearly an anti-Klingon regime driven by their President Maxwell. If there was any hope of this potentially misguided war coming to an end, it was eradicated when Starfleet took genuine aggressive action against the Empire."

"The Klingon Empire was content to ignore Hellesport's state of Romulan ownership so long as the station remained independently governed by a civilian staff. However, drastic military action has been taken to seize the station, and there is little doubt in my mind or the mind of my compatriots that it is now under military rule. This is a flagrant violation of the treaty which established the Klingon-Romulan Neutral.

"This coupled with the repeated Romulan and Starfleet insurrections deep into sovereign Imperial space will not be tolerated. Therefore, the Klingon Empire issues the following demands:"

"All Federation and Romulan military authorities will withdraw within 24 hours from Binary-A27x and the Klingon-Romulan Neutral Zone. In their stead a civilian staff will once again be placed in control. The formal station tribunal, composed of Klingon, Romulan, and Federation representatives, will be elevated to a governing council responsible for monitoring the political neutrality of the station executives. Should this be done, the Klingon Empire will be willing to discuss terms of peace."

"Should the Federation and the Romulan Empire not be willing to remand their control of the station, then they shall make preparations to physically remove the station from the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone in order to alleviate the treaty violation. This is not subject to negotiation. Failing to meet either of these demands will result in the Klingon Empire taking initiative to alleviate the violation."

The Qang's smile is now quite feral. "You have 24 hours."

The broadcast ends.