Subject:[Vrihtaev: Draft]

From:     Vrihtaev
To:       Vrihtaev
When:     1:45 pm, Thursday, February 19, 2004
Subject:  Draft
This is Al-Hasheem Rashayyad, reporting for GNN.
Hellesport Station, for the first time in a long time, has managed to make the lead story on the Galactic News Network with the following report.

At 16:35 hours yesterday, forces from the USS James Maxwell and ChR Kalabam simultaneously boarded Hellesport station unexpectedly and demanded control of the station be handed over to them. A command team was beamed into the Command and Control center of the station, where they discussed what was happening with Station Commander John Sting and Chief Security Advisor Ben Kingshott for nearly an hour. At 17:45 hours, an announcement was made over the intercom that due to evidence of the station offering undue assistance to the Klingon Empire in violation of the understanding that the station would remain non-partisan, the station would be taken over by the Romulan Star Empire. Even more startling was the announcement that the Federation would be providing a leadership role in maintaining the station for the foreseeable future. At 18:02 hours, Governor Amitri was removed from the station without violence in a joint effort by Starfleet, Galae, and Hellesport staff members.

Enriov Vrihtaev tr'Khnialmnae, who led the Romulan side of the organization, responded when asked why the Federation was involved, "Outright seizing what has largely been and should continue to be a neutral peaceful trade station would be an unwelcome distraction from the Federation's campaign to rid the Alpha and Beta quadrants of Klingon aggression. It was decided that in exchange for Federation support for the removal of Klingon influence over the station, the Federation would have the use of it as a trading, economic, and diplomatic center."

The Federation has named Ambassador Mango Rosemilk as its choice for station governor, and the Romulan government has approved. This marks the return of one of Hellesport's most popular leaders, and one under which the station prospered. Federation officials seemed ecstatic at the idea, saying, "Hellesport represents the ideal location for one of our finest Ambassadors to conduct business, with its location between two of the most powerful political organizations in the region." No doubt Starfleet Intelligence is equally as thrilled.

Reports coming in from sources on Hellesport indicate that life isn't currently as pleasant as the occupying forces make it sound. There's been sporadic fighting on all decks between security forces and the remains of Governor Amitri's personally appointed forces. Among the things we've heard are:

All trade has been temporarily halted out of Hellesport.
IPS traffic has been ceased.
Computer control has been denied to all non-Federation/non-Romulan inhabitants of the station.
Banking access has been temporarily frozen.
The docking ring has been locked down.
Communications are being monitored.
Shields on the station are being kept raised to prevent ships from attempting to escape.
All internal movement on board the station is being monitored.

The Governor's office insists that while these measures have been instituted, they are merely temporary and will only be in place for a matter of days, as security logs and records are reviewed to determine which crew members should be deported on charges on espionage, and which crew members should retain their jobs. Computer access will be restored to each resident as soon as the background checks and interviews are completed. Banking access will be restored as soon as the security of Hellesport's financial system can be verified. Trade and travel will be reopened as soon as the safety of Hellesport's residents can be ensured.