Subject:Bombing Confirmed

In a mammoth break for Federation authorities today, Adam Ryckman has been confirmed as the mastermind of a mammoth terrorist plot to destablize the governments of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. As he tells it, he is head of an organization known as The Shoal, which operates out of a planet called Haven located in a back corner of Federaiton space. He and his compatriots, a mixture of species from every major political organization, aimed to start a war between the Federation, Romulan Empires, and Klingon Empires, by perpetrating a series of strikes on each org disguised to be the work of another one.

With no success in discovering the identity of the groups responsible, and with a KE-UFP war already started, and KE-RSE and RSE-UFP wars moving closer to reality, it was unclear why this organization would suddenly stop its strikes. When asked this question, Ryckman simply responded, "They had no chance of catching me because they never chased me. Nobody seemed to care. It was no longer enjoyable, and I totally fell out of my groove, so I decided to give it up."  

Among other things, Ryckman has already confessed to and detailed the plans underwhich he incited revolt on the Romulan planet Thierrull, raided a Klingon munitions facility, staged a delivery of weapons cargo to Ambassador Mango, stole a B'rel class bird of prey and used it to attack a shipment of Andalusian ambassadors, crippled and took over the USS Indomitable, and, of course, destroyed the planet Ferasa.

The location of the terrorists has already been detailed, and Federation forces are, even as this report is announced, making a raid on their headquarters in order to obtain all of the relevant documents. It is as yet unknown how these revelations will impact releations between the relevant political organizations, as they find that their rivals were not the perpetrators of various heinous deeds, such as the supposed assassination of Opera singer Gre'ta, the uprising on Gorn, the most recent bombing on Hellesport, and the destruction of various installations.

The charges continue to mount against this man and his compatriots, and more will be reported as it comes about.