Subject:Death of a Legend

Legendary Klingon Opera performer Gre'ta died last night, victim to an assassin's beam.

Gre'ta was being transported aboard the Klingon Empire's flagship, IKS Negh'var, following his performance tour of the garrisons on the Klingon fortress world of Ty'Gokor. It has been reported that a member of his own entourage, now rumored to be an undercover agent, shot the singer in cold blood and then evaded capture by the Negh'var's crew, ultimately escaping in a stolen craft. Master Gre'ta was scheduled to give a special performance for the Klingon High Council later in the week.

"Klingon culture has suffered a great loss this evening," says leader of the High Council, Chancellor Lor'mogh. "Rest assured that those responsible for this heinous act will be brought to justice."

The Klingon Defense Force High Command declined further comment on the nature of the assassin.

Master Gre'ta is credited with stirring renditions of classic Klingon operas such as _bom Sub_ and _Hegh, quv, chargh_. The loss to the Klingon musical community will be felt for many years to come. He was 83.