Subject:15 Lyncis Goes Nova!

An emergency report from the Galactic Enquirer flashes on the screen, obviously rushed as people are still scurrying behind and around the anchor's desk making final preperatons for a few seconds before clearing to allow the anchor to speak.

The anchor looks at the camera, his face betraying shock despite his composure. When he speaks, his usually commanding voice wavers, sounding almost detached. "Ferasa, home of one of the Federation's most ebullient species, the Caitians, has been completely destroyed."

After an appropriate dramatic pause, the camera angle switches. "At 0434 hours today, Federation standard time, sensors detected severe instabilities in the solar core of 15 Lyncis. At 0441, the star exploded, rendering every planet in the system immediately uninhabitable, tearing the very crust from Ferasa with the force of the shock wave. The casualty rate is expected to be 100%.

"The change won't be represented in the starfields above our homes for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years. As time continues its steady flow, the prick of light representing that system will be replaced by a bright flash that dims to nothing in an ever increasing circle of worlds."

He continues speaking, droning what is obviously a hastily-prepared speech, his brain operating on autopilot as one is wont to do in the face of such extreme tragedy. "The impact of this will be felt across the galaxy for years to come. Everyone has just been reminded that it is often the good grace of a massive ball of flaming gas to which we owe our existence, an existence which can be seized in but an instant. The question on everyone's mind is sure to be 'Why?'; a question which is sure to be turned over and over in the course of countless hours of study and investigation. The impact to the Federation economy also can not be overstated, as Ferasa was a major source of both production and trade with its proximity to the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Starfleet has promised a full investigation will commence immediately, and details will be made available at that time.

"But for now the questions of economics and security are not the foremost on anyone's mind. We at the Galactic Enquirer offer our prayers of support to those millions out there who have lost family and friends today in this horrible tragedy, and wish you the best in the days to come.  

"This is Zebediah Edwards, for GNN News."