Subject:Klingon High Council Attacked!

The following was intercepted from the Klingon Empire internal news media:

High Council Chambers Bombed - Eight Council Members Dead

veng wa'DIch was rocked today as an explosion ripped through the vaS'a' complex, killing eight High Council members and injuring numerous other personnel. The blast originated in the Council chambers itself, from a crude explosive device thought to have been planted beneath the Council's meeting table. Fortunately, the Council was not yet in session when the device exploded, and most of the Council members, including the Qang himself, escaped unscathed.

The perpetrators of such an unmitigated act of cowardice have yet to be identified, though opinions on the matter are varied, ranging from Romulan subterfuge to further acts of revenge by what remains of the decimated Breen Confederacy. The majority believes, however, that it is a response from the pirates of the Neutral Zone in reaction to loS la'quv's unsactioned seizure of the contested planetoid R-1337 in the name of House q'taQ. How the device was smuggled into the vaS'a' has yet to be determined, but sources have stated suspicion of sympathizers within the ranks of the complex's security force.

"Rest assured," says Lor'mogh Qang, nursing a broken arm, "that the cowards responsible for this act of treachery will be found, and dealt with severely. The Klingon Empire will not stand acts of terrorism upon its leadership."