Subject:Federation Increases Pressure on Cardassia

Your current program is interrupted by the classic Galactic News Network jingle, and a flashy logo scrolls across the screen. The view fades in to the familiar anchor desk, and the anchor smiles at the camera.

"I'm Roger Patterson, for GNN news."

The camera angle shifts, and the anchor's expression changes to one much more serious, much more grim. "Shortly following Ambassador Mango's statement to the press, the United Federation of Planets began preliminary strikes against key Cardassian listening posts. The GNN Chronicle managed to follow the Federation fleet at some distance an captured the following footage:"

The scene changes to the void of space, image grainy and obviously enhanced for the lack of detail at the distance from which it was captured. At the center of the image is a lone outpost, its stark, trinary construction marking it as obviously Cardassia in nature. The yellow-orange beam of a phaser lances from one of the structures at a target off-camera. Red-orange phaser fire is returned, and an Akira class starship swoops in from off-screen, firing a volley of torpedos. The tiny outpost doesn't stand a chance, and vanishes in a flaming ball of pyrotechnics.

The camera rapidly pans, and two Cardassia warships-- one Keldon and one Galor-- strike out in retaliation at the Akira, their weaponry highlighting the invisible orb of its shields. Their attack is to no avail, however, as the bulk of the Starfleet strike force swoops into view, annihilating the pair of vessels in one massed volley.

Once more the camera settles on the anchor. "This footage was received only moments ago. Such strikes are occuring simultaneously along the Cardassian border. There is no mistaking the intent; clearly Starfleet is increasing pressure on the Cardassian Union to oust what the Federation views as a despotic and unstable leader."

The camera angle shifts once more to the opening angle. "GNN will continue to cover Federation action against Cardassia. Once again, this is Roger Patterson, for GNN. If you didn't hear it here, it probably didn't happen."