Subject:Former Gulida Troge

To the UFP, KE, RSE, FA, OS and HP.
Greetings to all the peoples of the galaxy.  As you already know
Former Gulida Troge has gone mad and against orders took a
Cardassian ship agaisnt orders.  I ask for any help in retrieving
said ship and getting her crew back safely, as her crew are
innocent of any wrong doings.  Troge on the other hand is a now wanted
criminal  of the Cardassian Union.  
On another note I want to invite the leaders of the UFP, KE, RSE, FA, OS, HP
to Cardassia for a first ever historical peace conference.  I hope
everyone can attend this conference.  That is all for now.
Haradar Geleck Xurrel, Cardassian Union