From:Klingon Empire
Subject:Imperial Announcement

\\HolQeD//  Klingon Announcement

The Empire, already ushering in a new era, has had one of its greatest hero's and warriors return!
M'erc the Conqueror has returned two years after destroying the Breen homeworld.

Supposedly dead after the historic attack, M'erc epetaI' charghwI', son of Kah'aq, was actually grabbed after the vessel had fired the torpedoes, but before his vessels exploded.  He was taken to a remote Breen prison world, but he escaped and lived on the jungle planet for 2 years before commandeering a Breen fighter and returning to Qo'noS.

A great celebration is going to be held, and the Federation members that are already on Qo'noS are invited.  There are tales to be told and bloodwine to be consumed.  The new era of the Klingon Empire has reached its peak.