Subject:The UFP-CU Situation

GNN Special Report

It has been a month of strife and tension for both the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets. As reported, an unknown ship of Cardassian make destroyed two Starfleet vessels on stardate 20030405.1853. The events that followed will no doubt determine the tone of future relations between the CU and the UFP.

Hi, I'm Derek Dummkopf, senior political analyst for the Galactic News Network. In tonight's Special Report, we will discuss the tenuous relationship between the Federation and the Cardassian Union that has developed over the past month.

Shortly after the USS Republic's demise, Starfleet unveiled its powerful new flagship, the Sovereign-class USS James Maxwell. The Maxwell, commanded by Captain Wylie, then traveled to Cardassian space to commence its investigation of the attack. The Cardassians were initially evasive, and even offered several false explanations for the incident, before a conference onboard the Maxwell was finally arranged.

The meeting, which was between Federation representative Mango Rosemilk and Gul Troge of the CU, concluded with the decision to destroy the powerful mystery vessel. (Gul Troge allegedly claimed that the ship was "from the future," and that the CU was not responsible for the attack.) The next day, when the Maxwell and the CUGW Aldara were preparing to tow the vessel into unoccupied space and destroy it, the vessel suddenly cloaked and sped off in the direction of Seldakor.

When the Maxwell got there, it was too late. The defenseless planet was in ruins, victim of what must be one of the most horrifying acts of unprovoked genocide in history. The Maxwell pursued the mystery ship back to Cardassian space, where it opened fire as the ship began to attack the CUGW Aldara. An epic battle ensued, from which the Maxwell emerged triumphant; the mystery ship was destroyed.

The Maxwell then returned to Seldakor, where it began providing medical aid to the devastated world. Reinforcements soon arrived to supply further relief. Thus began the restoration project on Seldakor, an effort that should keep Starfleet occupied for some time. The Maxwell has been posted at Seldakor for weeks now, overseeing the process. Starfleet reports that conditions there have improved dramatically, but the press has not been offered any details.

While Starfleet dedicates its resources to the restoration project, its Diplomatic Corps is busy arranging a conference on Seldakor with newly-elected leader of the Cardassian Union, Haradar Xurrel. Despite Xurrel's hopes for peace talks, Starfleet has stressed that this meeting will not be on the subject of peace, but of retribution for the actions of the mystery vessel. The Federation does acknowledge that the Cardassian Union is not directly responsible for the attacks, but it is believed that corrupt factions within the CU are involved. The purpose of this meeting will probably be to uncover just who is to blame, and decide on how they can be tried and punished.

Needless to say, the Federation is not taking a soft stance on this issue. Though no statement has been issued, the general sentiment seems to be that justice must be served.

What's in the future for UFP-CU relations? If the negotiations go well, perhaps they will usher in a new era of peace between the UFP and the CU. If they go badly, it may well shatter the fragile civility that exists between them now. Only time can tell. For now, this is Derek Dummkopf, signing off. Goodnight.