Subject:Breen Frigate Destroyed

*** GNN News Report ***

<Brief video of two crescent-shaped ships facing off against a large heavy cruiser and a Klingon K'Vort class bird of prey; the Klingon ship and cruiser exchanging a volley of torpedo and disruptor fire with the alien ships.>

Klingon and Hellesport trade interests were again attacked today in an open display of aggression by two Breen Frigates. The heavy freighter HPS Extransi and the Taiho Class Runabout IKC SuyDuj'a' were engaged by the notorious pirates, who utilized type three and four photon torpedoes and high yield disruptors in an effort to quickly capture them. Due to the proximity of the conflict near Hellesport station, the station was able to respond by dispatching its heavy cruiser, the HPS Archangel and the Klingon K'vort Class Bird of Prey, the IKS HeghdemwI'.

The battle lasted only minutes; but, resulted in the destruction of one of the Breen Frigates and the retreat of the other. The HPS Extransi was reported to have taken heavy damage during the battle. All other vessels and Hellesport station claimed only minor damage. It is believed that this is the first time the Breen Frigates' unrelenting piracy against Klingon and Hellesport shipping lanes within the Klingon-Romulan Neutral Zone has been successfully thwarted. It is uncertain, however, if this victory will halt future Breen ambushes within the area.