Subject:Change is Leadership of the Cardassian Union

[We are interrupting your regular program for this special announcement from
the Cardassian Government..]

The frozen scene of an interrupted pastorial opera cuts to an image of a
podium with the emblem of the Cardassian Union on it. Behind the podium
stands a tall, well-dressed Cardassian. He begins to speak almost immediately.

"Greetings to the galaxy. I am the newly elected Haradar Geleck Xurrel of the
Cardassian Union. I am here to introduce myself as the new leader of the
Cardassian Union. I wish Haradar Vedak well on his retirement and I want to
thank him for his long years of dedicated service to the Cardassian Peoples.
Under my administration I will seek to build upon Haradar Vedak's hard work
at growing the Cardassian Union economically and bringing the much-sought
after peace with the United Federation of Planets.  I will also seek to
strengthen the current alliances with the Klingon and Romulan Peoples as well
as the Ferengi Alliance.  In the coming weeks I will want to meet with my
counterparts from the other powers to discuss current relations and ways to
strengthen them, from peace treaties to trade alliances.  It is time for
change, and under my administration the old reputation the Cardassian Union
will be changed to a more positive one so we may all share the Galaxy in
peace and friendship.  I know the road towards all this will be long, but it
is a road I am willing to work hard to travel, because I know the
goals--peace, friendship, and trust--are worthy ones.

"I will be in contact with my counterparts shortly. And if anyone wants to
contact me--my door is always open. May we all live in peace and enjoy new
found prosperity.  Thank you and have a great day."

The image slowly fades into a black screen, upon which flash the words: [This
has been a special announcement from the Cardassian Union; we now return you
to your regular program.]