Subject:Raids in the Neutral Zone.

Hellesport authorities confirmed today that raiders using cloaked ships where definitely operating in the Neutral Zone. A Hellesport trade ship, the HPS Extransi captained by Trade Officer R'rhuar, was attacked by the cloaked ship which used torpedoes against the lightly armed trade ship.

After the initial attack, the Extransi attempted to escape, but was capture. The raiders did not board after being informed that the ship had only just set out and carried no cargo. The Extransi was allowed to leave, but not without first being warned by the raiders that they would wait for the return of the trader when he had a full cargo.

The Extransi was escorted back to Hellesport by the heavy cruiser HPS Archangel, where the sensor logs confirmed that the raiders ship was of Breen design.

Hellesport Trade has ordered its captains and pilots to form convoys and have the Archangel escort them until the situation is resolved.