Subject:Klingon Shipping Lanes Attacked!

*** GNN News Flash ***

Klingon shipping lanes attacked!

The attacks have been swift and brief over the past few days, resulting in the loss of millions of credits and dozens of shipments for the Klingon Commerce Authority. Freighters, armed and unarmed, are being pirated by a fleet of unknown vessels operating within the Klingon-Romulan neutral zone and Klingon space, itself.

Several witnesses describe the attacking ships as crescent-shaped in nature, like the pinchers of a giant crab or lobster. Gray and illuminated by green-light, they are moderately armed and appear to close in with fearsome speed, quickly disabling their prey and beaming off its cargo before any nearby Defense Force vessels can adequately respond. Inside sources have expressed concern that the attackers may be utilizing some type of cloaking technology.

Such rumors, however, are being kept quiet by Klingon press agencies out of fears elevated tensions may be incited towards the Romulan Star Empire. At this time, the Klingon Defense Force High Command is withholding any additional information about the perpetrators of these attacks, but claim that those responsible will be caught and thoroughly punished.

There have been twelve casualties so far, with four freighters destroyed. Some commentators have suggested that these raids may be a result of the ever souring relations between Hellesport station and the Klingon Empire, even going so far as to propose that Hellesport may be directly involved. Additional facts are needed before any party can be sufficiently identified.