Subject:USS Republic, Telliar Destroyed

In a tragic day for the Federation, both the Nebula Class USS Republic and Ambassador Class USS Telliar were destroyed today by an unknown vessel. At 0611 hours, a distress call was received from the USS Telliar, commanded by Captain Rhoda Boobies, which was flying at maximum warp from Krellix Sigma III towards Earth, requesting assistance in an attack upon them by an unknown ship of Cardassian design. The USS Republic, commanded by Commander Coren Simkin, was dispatched to respond to the distress call. The Telliar was able to report that viewscren communication did reveal that a Cardassian crew was aboard the vessel.

The unknown ship broke off its attack on the Telliar to deal with the Republic, which was able to stall the ship long enough for the Telliar to complete a transmission of its research data to the Daystrom Institute on Earth. Unfortunately, the high-power phaser array and missiles of this vessel were too powerful from the Republic, which was destroyed in the onslaught. Fortunately, 571 of the 635 crew members on board were able to escape the ship before the warp core went critical. The ship then caught up with the fleeing Telliar and disabled it, locking transporters in preparation for boarding before the crew chose to self-destruct than allow critical technology to fall into what is guessed to be Cardassian hands.

President Maxwell has demanded a full explanation from the Cardassian government, and has dispatched Ambassador Mango Fernchild to Cardassia Prime with a full Stafleet crew to assist in the investigation. Fleet groups and planets along the Cardassian border have been placed at alert, and are waiting further instruction. The remaining crew of the Republic is to report for reassignment tomorrow to a newly completed vessel, which will be used to ferry Ambassador Fernchild to Cardassian space.

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