Subject:Attack on Hellesport

Hellesport was bombed today, again, killing 11 and injuring 32 in an attack by an apparent madman.

Gordon DeMarle, a Terran man with a criminal record and a drug problem, entered Hellesport today with explosive devices, and threatened to kill hostages unless his demands for one hundred million credits was met. Governor Jarnol, showing the compassion and regard for sentient life that has him so well regarded, decided to taunt the terrorist and sealed him in. DeMarle, apparently realizing his threat was being tested, triggered two of the explosive devices, which resulted in the death of himself and the numerous other people on the station.

We have a resident of Hellesport available for comment.

*the face of a woman appears on the screen, tearstains on her cheeks*

"Governor Jarnol is a completely and total [censored]. My little girl was one of those hostages, and now she's dead. She'd just arrived from Bolarus with her father carrying medicine that my son Charles needed in order to survive, and she was just callously sacrificed for this man's ego." *there's a moment as she's choked with sobs* "Now she's dead, and my son is dying, and my husband only has one leg, and we spent all our money for medicine so we can't afford a replacement for him. I don't know what we're going to do."

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