Subject:Hellesport staff shakeup!


The screen switches to show famed reporter Roger McDonald sitting at the GNN newsdesk at the Galactic Financial Center on Earth.

"This just in from our wire sources.  The Hellesport Corporation Board of Directors has just appointed station Deputy Governor R'rhuar, the Chief Financial Officer of Hellesport Corp. to hold the position of Hellesport Station Governor and C.E.O. of Hellesport Corporation.  No word at this time as to what this means for current Station Commander, and now former CEO, Vork Jarnol.  We'll have more on this story as it develops.  Hellesport stock has languished on the IPO market in recent weeks, with the intitial offering still standing at an astonishing 42% of the shares yet to be sold.

This is Roger McDonald, reporting live from the Galactic Financial Center.