Subject:Governor Velant Speaks

The symbol of unified Cardassia breaks through regular news updates. The screen darkens, and then grows light. An expansive chamber wavers into view its stone arches dimly lit as camera movement pans a great assembly of leaders, their eyes focused ahead.

An aging Cardassian appears his rounding form draped in the robes of the state. Steely eyes peer over the assembled masses tired hands going to rub briefly upon the sides of the podium, yielding momentary pause.

"Citizens of, Cardassia.." He begins rich tones bearing a certain amiable professionalism, " is a day of celebration." He continues, nodding gently, "For once again our proud Union has fought off the influence of those who would seek to do us harm and once again we can turn our efforts, not to the destruction of our empire through war, to its rebirth."

A distinct pause, neck vibrating gently as he swallows.

"This great task cannot be achieved alone, however. There are those within us, around us, who sit in discontent. There are those who if given the opportunity to strike again, would do so once again pushing us into turmoil and driving us to a state of war." Wrinkles eyes tighten gently, "Ladies and gentleman of the assembly, I call for their removal."

He lifts a hand gesturing briefly aside, "Already there is a force of Federation ships within our boarders. They are a mass of war set to return us to the state we have, since the last war, attempted to recover from. Their actions are not without justification, however. For the military government, so briefly our rulers, threatened to destroy our people. Men, women, and children. Not for great travesty, no, but simply because they stood against the coup. A coup that, I believe.." His voice softens, "..we all wished to rally against. If anything we owe them a debt of thanks, and gratitude, for their courage."

His voice rises again, "Therefore I call for the immediate dismissal of those who enacted the coup starting with its leader, Guldia Troge." Lips peel to reveal teeth, anger rising in a slow fashion, "He claims his mind was altered, a laughable claim. I stand that he found his position to be so precarious he returned the government for fear of his defeat. The sudden revelation of control  a contrived notion which he thought we, the people of Cardassia, would be foolish enough to buy into."

His nostrils flare, "He openly places blame upon our neighbors, the Federation, whose ships acted to prevent his holocaust. They aided in placing the pressure upon him, letting him see how hopeless his position had become, and now he seeks to put the blame upon them. To drive us, the civilians of Cardassian, to do his warmongering for him. I will -NOT- stand for this, nor should you. We must not allow ourselves to fall prone to his schemes. We must not aid him. We must dismiss him, at once, from command."

A pause, "For even if his claims were to prove true, it proves only the weakness of his mind. It proves only that he can be manipulated to wrest lawful control from the people. It proves only to show that he is a PUPPET of ANY who would stand against him. We cannot have a PUPPET in command of our forces. He MUST be removed NOW. I call this motion at once before he falls beneath alien influence again. He has publicly admitted his lack of fortitude and now stands as easy prey to all. He HAS been BROKEN once and he WILL be BROKEN again. We must not find ourselves at his mercy. REMOVE him, or we will all pay the price. Men, women, and children, the very core of this union will die as he grinds them beneath his boot reigning death upon any who do not fall in line with his delusions. Stand with me, now. While there is still a tomorrow."

The man nods, and steps down. The screen blanks and returns to previous programming.