Subject:[Quv: Klingon space]

From:     Quv
To:       *Galactic-Enquirer-Submissions
When:     1:05 pm, Monday, March 23, 1998
Subject:  Klingon space
**Klingon press release**

As a show of good faith to our Federation allies on the eve of a new alliance between our government's, any Federation civilian vessel is permitted to enter Klingon space.  Any civlian vessel with the registry SS may enter Klingon space and land on any of the M Class planets.

Military Starbase Veqlargh lojmIt is off limits.  And all UFP citizens are bound to the local laws of the planets they visit.  Military vessels are still not allowed in Klingon Space without prior notification, at this time.

The Empire wishes to expand its ecconomic strength to match that of its militry might, as well as to usher in a new peroid with the Federation.