Subject:Gobux Destruction

Johns appears on screen in civilian clothes, apparently on a shuttle.
His facial appearance is rather tired looking, and his demeanor appears rather cold.
"Greetings citizens of the Gallaxy.  It is my sad duty to report to you today that the Gobux Shipyards were destroyed last evening."
"By analyzing the logs of our ship, the Vesalius, I was able to find out that ap parently a ship by the name of the Oxis appeared in the Hellesport system.  Soon  after ships from the UFP, the KE, and the GDM appeared as well, and a space battle began."
"Dr. Evans, repeatedly advised over hail frequencies that Gobux was a neutral station, and was not involved in the matter occuring, but apparently that was ignored and the battle continued."
"The Oxis never once fired on Gobux, but Gobux continualy recieved torpedo impacts from the UFP, the KE, and the GDM ships.  Gobux again transmitted that we were taking damage, and to please stop firing, but again this fell on deaf ears." "Gobux also requested assistance from Hellesport, not only for protection from the attack going on, but also to evacuate our personnel trapped on the station.   Hellesport never responded."
"Thanks to the couragous work of Dr. Evans, who risked his own life to save that of the staff of Gobux, I can stand here today alive to inform you all of this attrocity committed."
"The Gobux station was then destroyed by a torpedo fired by the GDM ship."
"On behalf of Dr. Evans and myself, the Directors of the former Gobux shipyards, we are asking for, no demanding reparations be made by the KE, the UFP, and the GDM for the destruction of our neutral station."
"Also, we will be pursuing all available legal action available at our disposal to recover the damages we occured."
"I urge all of the governments of the Galaxy to condemn these actions taken today by the UFP, the KE, and the GDM.  And I am sad to say, today I am definitely not proud to be a citizen of the UFP."
The screen fades.