Subject:Civil Disorder in CU. Mayor flees in panic

This is a GNN News Special Report

The CU planets of Terhin and Pelag-Pelag declared their secession from the Cardassian Union today as numerous massive riots broke out protesting the resumption of military rule. Sources on both planets have stated that they are forming their own independent governments, with plans to consocialize with each other in the future. Sources also indicated a willingness to rejoin the Union if the civilian government is restored. Loyalists of one planet managed to pull a Keldon class cruiser from the Madrasad, and managed to heavily damage a military controlled Galor before forcing its retreat.  

*The camera shifts to show an aged Cardassian male, standing in front of a stone building* This is Governor Denak Velant, the new leader of the Republic of Terhin. The citizens of this world have made quite clear that they will not brook another return to the disasterous military rulership of the past. Cardassia was torn from greatness through that system, twice, and in its current state, can't afford to risk more fighting. We will not return peacefully until the civlian government is restored.

After that inelegant, but clear, statement from the Governor, military forces of Cardassia, repositioning their forces with the regime change, acted angrily, threatening to crush any rebellion without mercy. No offical response from the new leader has been received yet.

It does seem, however, that these threats have not done much to quell the disturbances, as riots have broken out all over worlds still remaining in the Cardassian union. Most notable among these are Tronen, Kavas Hoo, Empollitep, and Halacie II. All out civil war has erupted on the latter, as military and civilian-aligned forces fight to maintain control of the planet.

Economic consultant Kivas Ulo warns that a long, destabilizing civil war could destroy the astonishing growth that Cardassia has had during this peaceful interlude of civilian rule, and that a resolution to the situation, through consolidation of military control, or restoration of civilian power, needs to be made as soon as possible.

We will keep you apprised of new developments and any response to these events from the major parties involved.

This is GNN News.