Subject:Cardassian Transmission

A middle-aged Cardassian's face appears on the screen, his eyes cold and fixed, and his lips solemnly frowning.  Around him, crews work, tearing things down and putting new things up, while he stands idle in his Madrasad uniform for a few moments.  Then, out of nowhere, he speaks.  "Ladies and gentlemen of the Cardassian Union, and the rest of the quadrant, I am Guldia Troge Tulant, former head of the Cardassian Madrasad - and now the leader of the Cardassian Union."

The man paces a few steps to the side and the camera pans with him, where a window with Madrasad soldiers all around what appears to be a governmental building are visible.  With the same tone, he continues, "Less than one hour ago, the Madrasad overthrew the civilian party, and assumed control of the Union under a military rulership.  This civilian government was slow, ineffective, and not within the wishes of the Cardassian people.  To the Cardassian people, I salute you, and assure you that under this new government you will enjoy age old prosperity and productivity the likes of which we had before Teknav's follies.  To the Federation, who no doubt objects to this radical change of government, I with to extend a diplomatic invitation to you.  Come visit Cardassia prime, and speak with the new Cardassian leadership so that we may discuss any of your concerns.  In this great new age, I speak on behalf of my Union to assure all listening that we will once again become great, and can be expected to reassert ourselves in the intergalactic affairs of the quadrant."  Pausing for a few moments, he finished with, "Glory to Cardassia!" and the screen fades to black.