Subject:Hellesport Stock Sell Off

**News Report At 10, With Trank McDougle**

Hellesport has today announced that it will be selling 59% of the station's 100,000,000 shares in open sales. Starting asking price is 26 credits, it is first come first served. However, over the asking price bids /will/ get priority over lower bids.
The Station has also released a statement, citing the reason for the take over of the station as a breach of good management on the part of the ferengi along with asset stripping and dangerous levels of malpractice. It has also mentioned that all Binary Holdings board members are banned from the share purchase, as are any of its liquidators or representatives, with the exception of former DaiMon, now uDaon, Letek, in recognition of his great services.
That was a report from, the next story...Possible outbreak of syphilis on Spacedock...
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