Subject:Mutilation Murderer apprehended!

The young news anchor looks at his papers, shaking his head at the waste of a brilliant mind. He lifts his head, finally, gazing directly into the camera.

"Sekara Tolsed, aka UFP Ensign Alys Myfanwy, aka Missy Valquez, will be tried this weekend on Cardassia Prime for the mutilation murders on Spackdock, Hellesport, and the Republic. (OOC: Saturday, November at 5pm EST.)

She was captured and taken into custody due to the heroic efforts of Lt. Major R'rhuar, of Hellesport, in the arboreteum. She was attempting to claim another victim, a Lieutenant Harrison, who escaped with only a knife wound to the chest, which was treated immediately. He quickly recovered from his ordeal.

Tolsed was obviously insane, as she ranted that mysterious "Voices" told her to kill Federation officers for the Union. The Cardassian Union, of course, has expressed great horror over this, and requested to be allowed to try Tolsed, as there would be no chance of justice being denied. Station Commander Vork Jarnol agreed.

The current charges are 4 counts of 1st degree murder, 1 count of attempted murder, 3 counts of abuse of a corpse, 1 count of attempting to disrupt CU and UFP relations, 2 weapons violations, and 1 possesion of biotoxin.

It is unknown at this time why the Federation apparently covered up the first three murders, which were horribly mutilated. Due to the graphic nature of these images, we will not show them in this report. The fourth victim was not mutilated, but has been linked conclusively with the rest.

GNN was unable to get any information on the victims from the Federation, nor any comment on the killings themselves. This has lead to speculation that the UFP somehow knew Tolsed was committing these crimes, and refused to do anything about it. Lt. Harrison was also unavailable for comment.

Tolsed is currently being held in an undisclosed location, and is reportedly non-repentant. The Federation and Hellesport have both been invited to watch the trial via viewscreen. Both the Federation and Hellesport have also been invited to send representatives to the trial.

We will bring you further information as we receive it, and will also bring you coverage of the trial.

This has been a GNN news special report."