Subject:HP Press Release

Hellesport Station Commander Vork Jarnol has issued them following press release:
The Hellesport Commander has been informed that Gulida Troge is now well and recovered thanks to the efforts of Hellesport medical staff under Chief Medical Officer Shiloh, and some aide provided by UFP Ensign Alys.
Hellesport made a great commitment in time and resources to help the Gulida, and we have even tolerated rather erratic behaviour on behalf of the Cardassian Union members on station. We would also like to apologise for the Cardassian's rather physical restraint of your reporter.
However, Hellesport has decided to cancel all records regarding any infractions on behalf of the Cardassians who were on station, though we do hope to gain reimbursement for the medical care of their Gulida.
We also wish to thank the United Federation Of Planets, whose kind compensation for the Hood's attack provided the capital for the repairs and refurbishment that allowed us to keep the Gulida going, and their kind releasing of Miss Alys from her duties so she can help. We now publically invite Miss Alys to be a guest of Hellesport at the Ball, which will be held in 15 days. (OOC: Saturday at 6PM central)
We also wish to thank the Cardassian Union for their patience, and the Ferengi Alliance for their continued support, and we hope to initiate change on Hellesport to increase its profitability and to provide more comfort for our people. The Klingon Empire and Rihannsu Stellem EMpire have both been very good in ignoring the Cardassian military ships as well, and not protesting. We thank everyone for their patience in helping us resolve this issue
We will be offering the antidote for sale soon at near cost, incase this happens again.
Station Commander Vork Jarnol's Office