Subject:Zombies on Hellesport? Cardassian Fleet Admiral Infected!

Scene: A male CU Gulida is lying on the biobed, still concious, maoning half-mindedly in pain.  His eyes are swollen shut, and his skin has once again begun to crack and ooze brownish blood.  His breathing is almost non-existant, and the saliva in his mouth has crusted over and is no longer activley produced. Wow, what a mess...

The camera pans to focus on the face of a reporter. "This is Robert Bobson, reporting for GNN. No doubt by now all in the two quadrants have heard the rampant rumors about an infestation of 'zombies' on Hellesport. We see now that indeed the rumors are true, and that the leader of the Cardassian Union's military appears to be himself infected."

A female UFP Ensign, apparently supervising the patient turns and GLARES at the reporter. "This is a medical facility? Have you proper clearance?" Her accent sounds vaugly non-human in her agitation.

"The people have the right to know about potential threats to their health, ma'am," says the reporter.

A female UFP Ensign says, "And the patient has a right to privacy."

A male Cardassian, possibly a Guln in rank, approaches Bobson, looking into the camera. "I am Guln Xurrel. I have organized the medical team trying to cure Gulida Troge, anything you need to know you will have to get through a Cardassian representative."

"Then can you confirm that under the Gulida's orders the runabout carrying the contagion was destroyed, thus destroying any hope of tracing it to its source?" asks Bobson.

At the Guln's orders a number of uniformed Cardassian guards move to hold back the reporter and any observers. He looks at Bobson. "I cannot fully confirm that the runabout was totally destroyed. I will need to investigate that question, and my government will release any and all press releases as they need to."

Bobson frowns and shouts past the Guln. "Ensign! Are you any closer to finding a cure?" His question goes unanswered, obviously ignored.

A male CU Guln comments to the reporter again, "You will need to go through a Cardassian representative, I would appreciate that you let the medical tems I selected myself do their work uninterrputed."

Another Cardassian arrives from off-camera as Bobson grins pleasantly at the Guln. "I'm sorry, Guln, but I believe more is at stake here than simple Cardassian interests. If you'd prefer, I could speak directly with the Station Commander."

A male CU Guln peers at the reporter "You may do that, but anything that entails Cardassian involvement goes through me." Bobson shoves is microphone under the Guln's nose. "Rumor has it that Cardassian involvement has already frustrated the station administration to no end. Care to comment?"

In the background, the Ensign can be heard speaking. "What if we bring his core temperature using a cryo chamber... but don't let him fully freeze? Keep him just clod enough to make the spores hibernate, but warm enough that his immune reaction can still work?"

"I have yet to hear anything from the Station Administration as they have been quiet through all this, other than that, no comment at this time." He's shoved aside suddenly by the second Cardassian, obviously a superior. "The Cardassian Union is simply doing what the Hellesport officials can't do..a good job."

"And yet the Cardassian Union continues to stonewall us in the reporting of this situation," the reporter says, turning on the Gul. "If the Union is doing such a good job, why the refusal to allow us to observe these proceedings?"

A female UFP Ensign turns her fury on the reporter. "Because you VULTURES have neither permission nor a right to be in here." Her eyes glint dangerously, like blued steel.

A male CU Gul states, "The fact that we are keeping news reporters... such as yourself out of this allows us to do our job more correctly. It keeps things clear, without confusion." He looks at the Ensign and chuckles. "Perhaps you would like to talk to her, Sir?"

Bobson smiles charmingly at the Ensign. "Ma'am, we have every right to let the galaxy know about a potential outbreak and whether steps are being taken to keep it contained."

A female UFP Ensign says, "Aye, but not to intrude upon a patient's rights while doing so. You may have the particulars, but you may NOT stay."

A male CU Gul says, "Is that so? You will learn only what we realease to the public. So far only one of our people has aquired this..condition, so that is all I care about right now. Tell your public that they'll have to wait."

Bobson turns back to his camera. "Stone walls once again, folks. GNN will continue to report any breaking developments. This is Robert Bobson, for GNN."