Subject:Klingons Attempt to Contact Hellesport!

The holovid changes from a well-aired ad for toothpaste to the flashy GNN intro reel during which the familiar theme music plays. The scene changes once again, to show a warship, a Klingon Vor'cha class attack cruiser sitting orbiting slowly around the dusty world of Minos. A bright cerulean beam is streaming from its bow, vanishing at some point in space before it. Not far away floats another Klingon ship, a B'rel, and a short distance away sits a Romulan Warbird, looming over the other ships present.

"For the last half an hour, the Klingon Vor'cha IKS cha'bIp has been transmitting a highly amplified and focused subspace signal at Hellesport's last known coordinates. So far there has been no response, which is not entirely unexpected, but piggybacked on the hail is a data stream containing instructions for a similar amplifier which will hopefully allow two-way communication to be established.

"GNN eagerly awaits the results and will report as soon as they're received."