Subject:Klingons Offer Aid to Retrieve Hellesport

Following the traditional flashy GNN logo and jingle, the image fades to that of the familiar anchorman. His expression is much more sombre than that which he wore earlier. He looks up from the dataprompter in his desk.

"GNN continues to report breaking news surrounding the disappearance of the Ferengi-owned Hellesport station. Sensors logs from vessels fortunate enough to have escaped the station have been analyzed, and preliminary reports are saying that a subspace distortion wave, originating from somewhere within Klingon space, struck the station and pulled it into subspace. GNN contacted the Klingon government for comment, and received the following message in response:"

The screen changes, displaying the proud, angular seal of the Klingon Empire, fiery read displayed on a field of sable. The message is audio-only.

"The Klingon government regretfully states that it has no data on the subspace anamoly which reportedly originated within Imperial borders. However, ships from the Imperial fleet have already been dispatched to A27X to investigate the event and devise some way to retrieve the station. The Empire openly invites all civilized races of the Alpha and Beta quadrants to assist in a concerted effort to determine just what happened and how best to release Hellsport from its prison."

The image switches back to the anchor.

"GNN will break with further developments as they happen."

The screen flashes the GNN logo, and then fades to black.