Subject:Hellesport Vanishes!

A logo flashes across the screen, reading "GNN Breaking News". The view-image fades to that of a desk anchor, looking somewhat harried, and perhaps lacking the professionalism of GNN's other news anchors. Must be a new guy. It takes him a moment of scrolling through the data prompter on his desktop before he realizes that the holo-cam is focused on him. Clearing his throat, he puts on a plastic smile, which looks rather stupid given the news that follows.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the two quadrants... just moments ago... Hellesport station vanished."

He stares into the holo-cam for a moment before the smile melts away with realization. "Oh-- err... yes. Hellesport has vanished. The initial reports from witnesses are unclear-- those that witnessed the event are saying that just a few moments before, their sensors picked up an unknown subspacial anomaly in the immediate vicinity of the station."

The holovid switches to a scene of a Yridian trader being interviewed.

"It was horrible! First the station was getting knocked around like a tin can, then the walls were going all transparent. People were panicking, trampling all over each other! I barely made it to my shuttle in time, and just after I launched, there was a bright flash, and the station was just gone!"

The holovid switches back to the anchor desk.

"Until a casualty report can be tallied, Hellesport station is being considered all hands lost. The Ferengi government has only this to say about the loss of their station:"

The holovid switches to a close-up of the immense head of a Ferengi. He demonstrates his concern by sniffing derisively and saying, "It was insured."

The screen flickers back to the anchor.

"GNN will break with further developments as they happen."

The screen flashes the GNN logo, and then fades to black.