Subject:Federation Statement

Anthony Harvey, who attempted to hold the Federation ransom for one-hundred twenty-million credits while holding and torturing officers, stealing Starfleet property, and other miscellaneous crimes, now consists of hundreds of millions of diffuse molecules in space. His shuttle was tracked down near Hellesport and destroyed by the USS Hood when it attempted to flee. Unfortunately, the crew of the Hood was a bit hasty in passing judgement on Mr. Harvey, and succeeded in damaging Hellesport with torpedo blast radii. This government has dedicated a sum of four hundred million credits to the repair of Hellesport, and we extend our most sincere apologies for this incident.

To the Romulan and Klingon vessels, however, we do not apologize. Upon seeing a criminal runabout being fired upon, upon seeing it critically damaged, upon seeing its warp core destabilized, one doesn't sit there and watch it. One moves away. When the warp core explosion from the shuttlecraft hit the warbird, they used it as a pretense for firing on a Federation vessel. The Federation vessel didn't fire on the warbird directly, thus, the warbird was the instigator, in a sad, transparent ploy for find some excuse for an aggressive action. We demand the immediate return of the Hood, and its crew, lest there be grave consequences for the relationship between our two governments.

Because the Klingons chose to assist us in our hunt for Mr. Harvey, as an expression of its gratitude, we would like to offer payment to assist in the reconstruction of one K'vort class vessel. We also laud the honor of those warriors who died in combat against the criminal.

In the meantime, a large force of trained personnel is being hired and tasked with administering recertification examinations, psychological examinations, and full medical examinations to all Starfleet personnel, who will be relieved in shifts over the next few weeks to be evaluated. It has been a priority of this administration to clean up Starfleet, but the pace is going to have to be increased to the highest level. All personnel failing testing will be removed from the service, and everyone remaining will be on a "one-strike" policy. It's far better to have a smaller, tighter, competent force instead of a large moronic force. I'm expection the testing to cause attrition of at least 10 percent.

Congratulations to Starfleet for taking care of one of the most heinous criminals we've seen.
Congratulations to Starfleet for being a royal set of idiots.

President James Maxwell