Subject:Carnage at Hellesport: USS Hood captured by ChR Thraiin.

<Video shows the USS Hood coming out of warp and launching a volley of torpedos at a runabout, which explodes. A d'Deridex class Romulan Warbird is blown to one side, most of the energy being dissipated by its shields. It promptly opens fire on the Hood.>

GNN has confirmed reports that a Romulan Warbird, identified by informants on Hellesport as the ChR Thraiin, fired upon and captured the USS Hood this evening. Independent witnesses have reported that the USS Hood fired first, but there is some argument as to whether the resulting detonation of the runabout's warp core was an accident.

Reports indicate that a Klingon k'Vort class ship was also involved in the incident, and may have been destroyed due to collateral damage. It exploded in the system shortly after some of its crew managed to escape. It was apparently sitting cloaked in the star system at the time of the explosion, and was therefore caught without shields, suffering fatal damage.

The Romulan Empire has begun to deploy ships along its border with the UFP and along the KE-RSE neutral zone. The Federation has responded by tasking several dozen starships to patrol the RSE border.

GNN will provide more details as they become available.