Subject:Weekly Presidential Address

The face of a reporter appears on the screen, trying to hide a smile behind a cold, professional facade.

And, of course, as usual, we provide you with this week's Presidential Address.

The face of Federation President Maxwell appears on the screen.

"Unfortunately, it appears, that the genetic engineering work of the late 21st century wasn't able to completely eradicate a disorder known as "Down's Syndrome". Ambassador Katra'mene, as part of the organizational cleanup of the Federation that this government has been engaging in, was fired for gross, almost unbelievable, incompetence. After requesting infomration on the impeachment of the previous President (which didn't happen), asking for an Ambassador class shuttle (which doesn't exist), and whining constantly about the jokes people made behind his back, he proceeded to tamper with evidence at a crime scene and was promptly arrested.

It's sad indeed to say that it's a sign of how far we've come indeed that he was actually arrested, and that he's actually been fired. It's almost assured that under previous administration this level of incompetence would be not only tolerated, but rewarded in a system that promoted morons to get them out of active duty. Gladly, however, I'm changing this policy, and pulling the fools and idiots out of government like the wounded intellectual gazelles they are to better serve the people this government protects. In this regard, Rear Admiral Jonathan Shannow has been granted plenipotentiary powers of the government to clean up Starfleet and Federation government, to ensure no more people slip through the cracks. No more will planets send their worst people to Earth to get rid of them. We expect intelligence. We expect results."

Thank you.

The screen blanks to show the Federation symbol, before going black