To:*Galactic-Enquirer and *Klingon-Empire-Chronicles
Subject:Klingon Imperial Address

"This afternoon, without much ceremony, Qang Shra'Hawk stepped down from the leadership of the Klingon Empire, withdrawing into the ranks of the High Council. Not surprisingly, succeeding him is yejquvwI' Lor'mogh, warrior and politician of many years, and favored spokesman of the Council. Long has Lor'mogh tread the path between the supporters of Krotoc's regime and those of the Brotherhood of Honor, and he alone both sides of the High Council trust to represent their interests in Imperial matters. Lor'mogh's ascension to the head of the High Council has been long-awaited."

The scene changes. Dark and brooding, bathed in an eerie red light appears the grand chamber of the Klingon High Council. Swathed in dramatic shadow, the tiered construct of the High Council's table looms above all that enter the Council's chamber, those seated at it obscured in the darkness. From above lances a single shaft of light, focusing on the highest tier: that of the Qang himself. Cast in stark relief, the proud ridges of Lor'mogh are revealed, shining slightly in the heavy Qo'noS humidity. From beneath his heavy brow peer his eyes, wary yet no less intense in the gaze that is leveled at the camera. He speaks, his voice a deep baritone enriched with age.

"Citizens of the glorious Klingon Empire, it is with great reverence that I step up and assume leadership of the High Council. Though the honorable Shra'Hawk no longer holds this seat, he shall continue to lead the Empire from my former seat on the Council."

Lor'mogh nods to one of the Councillors obscured at his right, presumably Shra'Hawk. After a brief pause, he continues his speech.

"Our people are known for their long history of military might and dominance. Recent times have shown us that despite our feelings of superiority, we are not incapable of folly. There comes a time that even the greatest of predators must sit on its haunches and nurse its wounds, and as such, so must the Empire.

"Many were shocked by the High Council's decision to withdraw from our alliance with the United Federation of Planets-- but the lives of too many honorable warriors were given to the Federation's causes in exchange for ridicule from its highest offices. If such insolence is to be expected from our allies, then the Klingon Empire shall have none!"

A wry smile form's on the new Qang's lips, curling beneath his bushy mustache. The wariness in his eyes all but vanishes, replaced with burning, restrained fury.

"There was a time when our mighty Empire needed no allies. That time shall come again... and though the Empire withdraws to lick its wounds, all the while its teeth and claws shall become longer and sharper. Beware!"

The emblem of the Klingon Empire replaces the scene, and the news report terminates.