From:Bob Holmes
Subject:Bloodwarp captured; assassins killed in exchange

Good evening, this is Bob Holmes reporting for GNN.

The Ferengi Commerce Authority reported earlier today the destruction of the Bloodwarp. In a unsurprisingly brief battle in deep space near the UFP-FA border, the FAS Rinkin, an armored courier ship, made contact with the Bloodwarp and a ship it was travelling with, the Loki. The Rinkin ordered the Bloodwarp to stand down, and both the Bloodwarp and Loki responded by opening fire with all weapons batteries. Both ships were disabled in short order, and small contingents of capitalist warriors boarded the ships.

On the Bloodwarp, forces encountered an Orion, armed with a type-I phaser, huddled and wailing in the corner in a fetal position. When ordered to drop the weapon, he looked shocked and began to drop it, only to shoot himself in the pelvis at level 3 stun. The security forces, not being professional officers, mistook this for an attack and opened fire, turning the Orion, later identified as Tyr, into a smoking, gutted carcas.

When forces boarded the Loki, they found a Bajoran, later identified as a Federation citizen named Fodo, apparently intoxicated on some Romulan ale hijacked from a long-haul freighter in sector 38596. Bottles of ale surrounded the Bajoran, who then raised his weapon to fire on the troops. His first shot did strike a security officer for superficial damage only, but by change ignited a bottle of the Romulan Ale, resulting in a horrific chain reaction of explosions. The security officers executed an emergency beamout, even as Fodo uttered prayers to the Pah Wraiths.

After the smoke cleared and both ships were given a thorough scrubbing, officers were able to recover property stolen from all over Ferengi and bordering space. Unfortunately, data in the pirates' financial databases indicate that the hostage was sold as a sex slave in sector 38565. Patrol ships sent to that location in the interests of good relations with the Federation and seeking possible investment opportunities found nothing but residual warp trails, which had been masked so as to make determination of the ship's course impossible.

Federation authorities assure GNN that they have been tracking the band of slave traders for some time, and will soon provide the community with greater details and an update on the Federation's plan of action.