Subject:***Ferengi Security Advisory***

(Drasnia)---The Corelius Station Management has issued an open warrant for the arrest of the Orion previously involved in piracy of Unican shipping in Ferengi Space four days ago, adn his accomplice, a Caitian.

[Pictures appear on the screen of Tyr and McCloud.]

In this most recent incident, the pirates were involved on what is believed to be a black market cargo transfer on Corelius station. The two ships involved were the Bloodwarp, earlier identified to belong to the Orion [Tyr], and the Great Fox, which is believed to be licensed to the Caitian [McCloud]. The duo then shot an innocent bystander, a woman reported missing three years ago in the still unsolved mass disappearances in the UFP and surrounding space. This is the first time that the woman has been sighted since being reported missing just over three years ago.

Corelius security personnel responded to the incident, and a firefight quickly ensued.

[Video of the firefight, with the Terran woman laying off to the side of the frame, apparently unconscious. The Caitian is struck by a Ferengi's disruptor rifle and is blown back against the side of the Bloodwarp, unconscious. The firefight continues, until Tyr grabs the woman, who is rousing from the effects of the stun weapon, and takes her hostage. Finally he throws the woman down and shoots the remaining security officer.]

[Video of the Bloodwarp phasering the shuttlebay doors and leaving.]

UFP forces declined to allow a Ferengi military ship to enter their space in pursuit of the cargo runabout. The FAS military vessel remained on border patrol for several hours before returning to its normal patrol route.

Three years ago, several dozen individuals were noted to have disappeared under questionable circumstances within the Bajoran Alliance and United Fedeation of Planets. UFP authorities have indicated that this unknown Terran woman has been identified, but have declined to release information regarding her identity except to say that she was previously reported missing. [See 22 on *GE-2.]

In response to this attack, the Ferengi Military has issued a warrant for the arrest of this Orion and this Caitian. Ferengi authorities assure GNN that any information leading to the arrest or elimination of these pirates will be hansomely rewarded. At present, the list of charges agaisnt the Orion include: willful destruction of government property, disruption of commerce, kidnapping, murder, piracy, and conspiracy. Charges against the Caitian include: murder, destruction of government property, disruption of commerce, kidnapping, and conspiracy.

Immediately prior to the discovery of the Great Fox's involvement, unknown individuals removed the ship from Corelius station and the Eddings sector. The whereabouts of the ship are now unknown.

The Ferengi Commerce Authority has increased the reward for the capture of the Orion to 25,000 credits, issued a reward for the capture of the Caitian of 25,000 credits, and increased the reward for the capture of the Bloodwarp and Great Fox to 20,000 each. The FCA and Corelius Station management prefer that the suspects be captured instead of killed and that the ships be recovered intact due to the hostage situation that has developed.