Subject:Ferengi Travel Advisory

The Corelius Station Administration today advised traders and visitors to be aware of a pirate ship operating under the registry name of "Bloodwarp." The ship is reportidly crewed by a male Orion and several support staff. Ferengi military authorities were consulted after the Orion attempted a hijack of a Unican freighter awaiting docking clearance just outside of Corelius Station. The Orion and the ship were detained, but using what a Ferengi spokesman described as "hidden technical measures" the Bloodwarp and its crew escaped and fled Ferengi Space.

The Ferengi Commerce Authority has issued a reward of 15,000 credits for the capture of the Orion, alive or dead, on teh charges of piracy, conspiracy to interdict interstellar shipping, attack on Ferengi governmental assets, willful destruction of Ferengi property, and murder. Additionally, the Ferengi Commerce Authority has issued a reward of 10,000 for the Bloodwarp, intact or not.