Subject:Klingons and Romulans make nice

This is Raed al-Awadhi reporting for GNN News,

Today marked a notable shift in the policies of two of the galaxy's great powers: the Romulan and Klingon Empires. After months of icy standoff, the two governments successfully completed negotiations designed in thawing relations. Negotiations were reported to be rather uncombatative and relatively calm, and an agreement that had been previously fleshed out whas finalized and accepted by both sides. According to one source, the agreemet is as follows.

The Klingon Empire agrees to renounce its claim to Delkan IV and its claim to reparations for the occupation of Qo'beH and the destruction of boreH. Furthermore, the Klingons agree to give up their claim to Delkan IV and accept an expansion of Romulan territory into the neutral zone to envelop that world. This is the largest territorial adjustment made to a major power in this region of the galaxy for over fifty years.

The Romulan Empire agreed to return Emperor Kahless to the control of the Klingon Empire, renounce all claim to reparations for the suicide attack of a B'rel on ch'Rihan, and withdraw all forces from Qo'beh and the neutral zone.

Several secret provisions are rumored to exist in the agreement, and the door was left open for a trade agreement to be fleshed out between the two Empires, as a statement from the Romulans said, "It would be mutually beneficial to both Empires and a step towards a lasting peace."

*The camera changes view to show the planet of Qo'beh, now quiet and barren, currently uninhabited. The voice of the announcer continues.*

The Romulans were quick to uphold their agreement to withdraw from Qo'beH. Troops were quickly collected by the warbirds and withdrawn. Now the planet is barren, waiting for the return of the Kl....oh my.... *explosions flash across the screen, mining stations engulfed in flames, hills and mountains collapsing in and on themslves. This continues for a few minutes until the picture is engulfed by a thick dust cloud*
The Romulans appear to have laid waste to what is, at least for the next few days, technically their planet, in clearly a scorched earth policy before the Klingons retake control. No casualties are expected, but infrastructural damage appears to be high. More information on this and the Klingon reaction will be made available at our 0500 broadcast.

This is GNN News.