Subject:From the Cardassian Union

The following transmission was just received by GNN News.

A very youthful-looking figure fills the screen, a relative unknown. Those that might recognize his face may have seen him on Hellesport, attending the ball. Or perhaps they've known him as a trader. But here he is on the screen, wearing a Madrasad uniform and looking official, and very serious.

"Greetings, people of the galaxy," the figure says. "I am Gulida Toell Galdon. I am, as of now, the de-facto leader of the Cardassian Union, having been the most senior member of the Madrasad under Gulida Teknav."

Straightening himself, the young admiral's haunting yellow eyes burn steelily into the audience. "Teknav is, as you've seen President Maxwell of the Federation announce, now in the hands of the Federation.

"I am here to let the people of the galaxy know that the Cardassian Union's ways are changing. We will, as the Federation mandates, return to a civilian form of government. Elections will be held forthcoming.

"As a representative of the Madrasad and at the current time the government of Cardassia, I welcome any communication with the government of the Federation. That is all I have to say right now." The man leans forward and presses something, and the transmission ends with the logo of the Cardassian Union.

GNN. If you didn't hear it here, it probably didn't happen.