From:Klingon Empire
Subject:Report from KE space.

Reports are coming in from all over.  It seems the Klingon Emperor has been taken as a "guest" by the House of B'ek, one of the most influential houses in the Empire.  Already it is rumored that they control anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the Klingon Military, quite able to back up their demands. Many other Houses are joining with the House of B'ek.

It has been stated on an open channel that the House of B'ek is demanding restructuring of the Klingon Command.  No information is avaliable as to what exactly they mean by that, but if it is not done, the Emperor will most likely be killed and it could very well plunge the Empire into war.  If the changes are made, he will be allowed to return, perhaps even to the High Council.

That is all that is available at this time, stay tuned for more information.