Subject:Presidential Address

"Today at 2300 hours, the Cardassian Fleet at Bajor surrendered and withdrew. The Bajoran sector is now free from Cardassian oppression, and has reluctantly agreed to accept Federation assistance and aid, since it can not economically survive on its own now. At this very moment, dozens of freighters loaded with supplies are making for Bajor with the attempt of helping the long-suffering populace rebuilt their broken world. Furthermore, Terok Nor will once again be known as Deep Space Nine, and renovation and construction will begin immediately to repair, upgrade, and otherwise enhance the facility."

"The Cardassian fleet, led by the madman Teknav, didn't even make any pretense of following its nonagression policy, demonstrating that it was simply a ploy to turn support against the Federation. Their ships opened fire immediately, but opted out of battle after it became apparent there was no hope for their victory due in large part to the strategic mastery of Vice President Galt. We hope that now we can pursue true peace with the Cardassians now. The Federation stands ready to offer a substantial sum of foreign aid to the Cardassian Union if it chooses to resume a democratically elected government. I recognize that many people in the Union never approved of what was being done to Bajor, or of the military government, and I hope these people find their voice in the halls of power on Cardassia. Teknav, meanwhile, who elected to try and selfishly martyr himself, no matter the cost to the Cardassian Union, will be placed in a rehabilitation center for probably the rest of his life.

Contrary to the propaganda that has been released of late, the United Federation of Planets does not commit murder and genocide: it prevents them. Its President does not wish harm to all Cardassians, but to anyone who steps on others in a mad quest for power. I take great pride in our ability to remain true to our ideals, and am even more proud that instead of sitting passively by while the persecution of a noble, peaceful race continued, we opted to step forward and help those in need."

"I apologize for my rambling. The bottom line is, as of this moment, the Federation declares a unilateral cease fire with the Cardassian Union. We hope we will have the honor of discussing final peace terms with a democratically elected government, and can work together in cooperation to secure a brighter future for everyone."

Thank you, and goodnight.