Subject:Teknav's Orders to the Fleet

Teknav's face, common across newswires of late, once again appears on the screen. "My orders to the Cardassian Fleet in the face of Federation invasion are as follows:

Firstly, under no circumstances is any Cardassian vessel to fire upon any Federation vessel. At the cost of one's own life must we remain without agression.

Secondly, under no circumstances is any Cardassian vessel to raise its shields or take any evasive action in response ot Federation attack. If they wish to take our territory, they will do so by murder -- not warfare.

Finally, all ships are to block access to Terok Nor and Bajor. That is, make it so that the Federation must use force against our unarmed vessels in order to successfully claim their objective.

I pray that the Federation Council sees the murderous intentions of their new President, and this assault, and that they call it off, before it is too late."

With that, the viewscreen clicks off.