Subject:Klingon B'rel Crew Murdered!

*** GNN Special Report ***

GNN has just received the following news wire from news services on Qo'noS, within the Klingon Empire:


"Loud protests and terror-filled awe have reverberated throughout the galaxy today at the sudden and brutal actions of Starfleet's flagship, the USS Hood. Sensor logs seized from Federation sources indicate that a Klingon B'rel class scout was apparently detected in cloak around orbit of Earth -- the very same vessel that was carrying the Klingon Ambassador who had just the day before severed the Federation-Klingon alliance. Hails were made to the IKS Dugh without response -- it was then that Captain Alexander of the USS Hood engaged the vessel: not disarming it, not disabling it, but ruthlessly destroying it! A volley of three class three photon torpedoes were fired at the cloaked ship over the span of several minutes, releasing what in total tallied to over thirty torpedoes. Only after the first hit, which forced the IKS Dugh to decloak, did the B'rel lock weapons in its defense. Even so, no effort was made to return fire and in moments the small vessel was destroyed by the onslaught brought against it from the massive Galaxy aggressor, whose merciless attack left all crew aboard the Dugh dead!

"The Klingon Empire does not find it surprising that such actions fall on the heels of its withdrawl from the Treaty of E'gok which tied it in military alliance with the Federation. It is clear that either the Federation has taken a drastic turn of morals following the inauguration of President Maxwell, or that their core command is homicidal!"


Remember, if you didn't hear it from us, it probably didn't happen -- or at least that way.