Subject:Annulment of Klingon-UFP Alliance

The seal of the Klingon Empire appears, replaced thereafter by a the High Council chamber, its dim and stale darkness scarcely illuminated by a single piercing beam. Amongst the council members stands a single, lonely figure, his peers sturdy and straight about him -- statures clearly displaying their support.

Lor'mogh raises up his head, the gleam of his dark gaze caught within the spectrum of the camera. Parting his lips, he repeats with a baritone voice: 'We are all serving an honorable society filled with honorable people, and should comport ourselves with the dignity and grace befitting this noble Federation.'


Honorable, so honorable as to refuse aid to an ally that never once did so in return. So honorable, as to abandon your ally in its darkest and most desperate time. Yes, honorable indeed, as honorable as a fat rat that cares lazily not for its neighbors or its friends as long as its own selfish whims are appeased!

The Klingon High Council, as has already been transmitted so gracefully by our Duy'a, has formally voted to withdrawal from the Federation-Klingon alliance. To sustain it, as we understand its purpose, is but a facade. When it was needed to aid the lives of Klingons and the safety and security of the Empire, it was dismissed and its core responsibilities ignored by the Federation Council -- and even by its current President during that state's debates. It clearly, to the Federation, was nothing more than a piece of paper signed and dotted for their sole purpose of keeping the Empire under their proverbial yoke. No longer!

I do assure you, President Maxwell, that for as long as I and my compatriots live, there will NEVER be another alliance between our two orgs. You are fortunate that we remain preoccupied with the current Romulan threat that permeates our borders. If it was not for them, we may well exist in even more sour relations. Your people are inconsiderate, ungrateful, and malignant. I believe most of the surrounding empires have noticed this. After all, President Maxwell, if you're the only one calling yourselves just, can everyone else truly be wrong? Hmm? No.

From this day forward, the Klingon Empire will endure upon its own will and tenacity, as it has done for thousands of years. Let us hope, Federation, that the day never comes when you regret loosing our alliance. For we will laugh in glee and contentment when we watch your worlds burn from some foreign power as you did ours. The ineptness of Starfleet, we'll say, and wave our hand in dismissal. Oh, yes, President Maxwell, I may be old, but this Klingon's memory will never forget your claims."

Sitting down behind the High Council's table, amidst his peers, Lor'mogh ends the transmission, the crimson-banner of the Klingon Empire replacing the blackened foreground.