Subject:Presidential Inauguration

This is Roger McDonald, reporting for GNN News

Today was the inaugural ceremony for James Ryan Maxwell, the new President of the United Federation of Planets. President Maxwell was administered the Oath of Office by the the Federation council at 1800 hours, and began his address promptly at 1900 hours. A transcript of the speech follows.

Greetings citizens of the Federation, honored guests. I am honored to stand before you today as President of the United Federation of Planets, but I can honestly say that I do not have the pride in this title that I do in the one I've had the pleasure of wearing as a mantle my entire life, that of Citizen of the United Federation of Planets. For to be the latter is to be among a distinguished group that has decided it was time to explore the full potential of this system that our forefathers so meticulously crafted, and to truly go where no one has gone before.

The Federation has recently faced many trials that some say were beyond our control. The War with the Dominion, our descent into an autocratic state, the slide in professionalism in Starfleet. To place blame for these events on uncontrollable sources is to cheat history, for we are masters of our own destinies, and in the end everyone always gets what they deserve. We must learn from these events so that they never occur again. Beginning today, we will chart a new course. Beginning today, I will fulfill my promises to the many people who chose to put their faith in me to fix what's wrong with the system. We must approach the tasks ahead of us with fortitude and professionalism. If we don't take ourselves seriously, how can we expect others to take us seriously. we stand in the galaxy as the guiding light, a beacon of democracy, and we have to ensure that the example we provide is one that shows that expediency and freedom, efficiency and plurality are not mutually exclusive.

Numerous expressions and axioms exist that speak of limitations as to what we can and can not do, and these are the expressions that I find offensive, particularly in light of the intrepid spirit which fills the annals of history of this great union. You can please all of the people all of the time. You can do everything at once. You can have your cake and eat it too. No preparation, inefficient bureaucracy, or red tape is needed to finally do all of the things we have sought for so long to accomplish. To those who assume that this is impossible, I simply respond that you never know what you can accomplish until you try. We can make the Federation more responsive, more professional, and more secure all at the same time. The most important thing we can do to help others is to set ourselves on the right path, for it is both charity and terror that begin at home, and the terror must stop now.

Right here and right now I deliver this solemn promise to the autocratic military dictatorships which we are forced to face. Your treachery and casual disregard for inalienable rights will no longer be tolerated. You pretend to desire peace only for the purpose of solidifying your gains and continuing the persecution of civilians, and I tell you know that we are fully aware of your motives. We are not fooled by your protestations of innocence even as you cause the suffering of millions. I resolve that any organization that persists in persecuting others, particularly civilians, will find their tyranny annihilated through the eradication of their leadership. We understand that peace without good faith is not peace at all, but a stalling tactic.

At no point will we let the galaxy forget that there is a group of worlds that have joined together in a Federation, that cooperate peacefully to ensure that basic freedoms are both cherished and protected, and that works to ensure that abuses of those freedoms will not be tolerated. This administration pledges to never forget that its duty is to serve the citizens of the Federation efficienctly and effectively. Vice President Galt will be travelling throughout the Federation, assessing the problems that need to be addressed and meeting with leaders to discuss potential solutions. His goal will be to evaluate what needs to be done to move us forward, and help stop the destructive antics of the past. We are all serving an honorable society filled with honorable people, and should comport ourselves with the dignity and grace befitting this noble Federation.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve. Enjoy the festivities, because work starts in the morning.

*The camera pans over the cheering crowd*

While most present found the speech at least acceptable, others were not so amused. *The camera cuts to an image of a Cardassian Gul, with his delegation, slamming his fist into and breaking a pad during the fourth paragraph*

This ceremony came on the heels of a stunning announcement by the Klingon Empire. It has withdrawn from the UFP-KE alliance once again. With the ongoing war with the Cardassians, sudden withdrawal of the Klingons from the alliance, the terrorist attack on the Romulans, and political unrest at home, President Maxwell will have to work hard, fast, and effectively to manage the Federation's current sitaution. President Maxwell elected to meet with officials of several foreign governments, including the Cardassians, after the speech, but no details of those meetings, and no comments on the Klingon action, have been forthcoming. Only time will tell if the Council selected the right man for the job.

This is Roger McDonald for GNN News. If you didn't hear it here, it didn't happen.