Subject:Live from the Federation Council

The GNN logo flashes on the screen momentarily, replaced by a worn-down looking Terran woman.

"This is Christina Manhoir, for GNN News, reporting life from the steps of the Federation Council chambers, where the election for President has finally been decided upon.

"Deliberations and debate continued long into the night in the chambers, where supporters of Sar'v'klo Alexander and his political party apparently attempted to filibuster the voting proceedings. Eventually, however, cloture was invoked and James Ryan Maxwell and John Galt will be the next President and Vice President of the United Federation of Planets."

The image of the woman shrinks down to half the holoscreen, as a rotund Bolian man behind an anchor desk takes up the other half. "How close was the final vote, Christina?" asks the Bolian.

The woman glances behind her at the building, spotlights illuminating its facade. "The council votes are not usually indicative of popular opinion, as on many worlds a popular referendum is used only to determine which candidate a councilmember's represented world supports, awarding 100% of a planet's voting weight to a candidate who merely won a plurality.

"Across the Federation, the race was extremely close, with tallies on most planets coming right down to the wire. I would like to stress that approximately 48.97 percent of voters in the Federation picked Alexander, while 49.62 percent voted for Maxwell." She pauses to take a breath. "The final tally in Federation Council, however, was 102-51 in favor of Maxwell / Galt."

The Bolian nods. "Thank you, Christina. You've heard it here first. James Ryan Maxwell has won the election for President of the United Federation of Planets." An image appears and floats at the botton of the holoscreen, saying pretty much just that. "Tomorrow, GNN will bring you live coverage of the inauguration and banquet, as well as interviews with prominent diplomats including the ambassador from Seldakor, known as Hien.

"This is GNN News. If you didn't see it here, it didn't happen." THe holoscreen fades to black.