Subject:Economic and Diplomatic Symposium to Take Place on Terok Nor

The image of an aged, grandfatherly Cardassian fills the screen. He smile broadly, and the wrinkles on his face move to accomodate the change.

"Greetings," he says in a friendly tone, his hands folded on the table before him, while behind him the symbol of the Cardassian Union looms. "I am Guldsed Arek Teknav," he continues, "And I bring a message to everybody in our little corner of the galaxy - from Ferenginar to Qo'noS, from Betazed to ch'Rihan.

"The Cardassian Union is now led by a strong and capable leader, rather than the bumbling confederacy which led us into war with the Federation, war with the Klingons. This new Union now wishes to express its sincere desire for peace across our sector, and we wish for nothing more than to put behind us the animosities and hardships of the past.

"As such, and as a symbol of this desire, I extend an invitation to all the nations of this sector to a great symposium to be held on Terok Nor in the name of Peace and in the name of Trade. Diplomats and Economists alike will be welcomed with open arms to our station, and our space, and we pray that each of the great powers of this sector will send their delegations here.

"To the Federation, champions of peace, we say this: Let us put the past behind us. The Cardassian Union is ready for peace -- are you?

"To the Klingon Empire, first in nobility, we say this: In our battles, both sides have proven themselves fine warriors. Come to Terok Nor, and we shall drink together and weave great stories in celebration of those battles.

"To the Romulans, our benefactors and friends, we say this: Let us extend our friendship further, and renew it.

"To the Ferengi, cunning traders, we say this: Let us strengthen both our nations through trade."

The Cardassian stands, now and gives a deep bow of his reptilian head toward the camera. "This can be the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity for our nations," he says, "Come all to Terok Nor, and let us work toward the greater good of all."

The image fades to black, and is replaced briefly by the sigil of the Cardassian Union.