Subject:Klingons Host Martial Arts Tournament!

An immaculately-dressed Bolian appears on the screen, seated behind an anchor desk. He smiles at the camera with teeth three shades too white.

"Well, it seems that in spite of facing economic destitution and a possible full-scale war with the Romulan Empire, the Klingon Empire is still willing to extend a fist and bloody up the noses of its neighbors in the name of galactic brotherhood. The Klingon Empire is currently soliciting for participants in a first annual Bi-Quadrant Martial Arts Tournament, to be held on Qo'noS and determine once and for all which of the nations in the two quadrants holds the highest mastery in the skill of unarmed fighting."

The news anchor chuckles, and leans conspiratorily toward the camera. "Rumor has it that the competition was instigated over an offhanded comment from an Andorian ambassador claiming that the Klingons lacked a certain finesse in their martial prowess.

"The competition is open to all, even enemies of the Klingon Empire; fighters from worlds all over our corner of the galaxy are expected to participate in the elimination-style competititon, which the tournament authority assures us will be kept non-lethal-- but with no weight classes, and no holds barred, who knows what the final outcome will be? The last man standing will receive the title of champion and a replica of the famous Sword of Kahless, a trophy which is said to have been forged to contain a sliver of the genuine article, making it truely a valuable cultural award.

"Interested warriors should contact the tournament authority, listed at the end of this broadcast. All entries must be received by (Friday, June 7), the tournament will be held on (Sunday, June 9). Details for time and place are to come. Due to the peaceful intent of the event, no warships will be permitted to enter Klingon space. Shuttlecrafts and similar vessels only, please."

The Bolian smiles his ultrabright smile again. "I'm Koch Edding for GNN."

(OOC: Contact bortaS if you wish to participate in the fight.)